The DOT Learning Circle

The Dot Art and Creative Expression Program


  • Promotes creativity, imagination, and free expression
  • Calms the mind and improves concentration
  • Builds fine motor skills and nurtures sensory development
  • Provides opportunities for children to experiment with different forms of art - from drawing, colouring and painting, to cutting and pasting, to modelling and crafting
  • Exposes children to different kinds of artwork, including folk art
  • Builds art appreciation and evaluation skills

Learning Strands

  • Skill Building
    • Drawing, colouring, painting
    • Modelling, crafting
    • Cutting, pasting
  • Using Age-Appropriate Art Tools Safelys
  • Art Exploration and Appreciation
  • Understanding the 7 Elements of Art
  • Creation and Expression

The Dot Art and Creative Expression Program is built on the belief that…. Creating Art Comes Naturally to Each Child

Through the program, children
  • Explore art
  • Use all their senses
  • Find art in nature
  • Identify and apply the 7 elements of art
  • Create and present
  • Invent and Express
  • And build neural connections that stimulate cognitive skills...