The DOT Learning Circle

A Comprehensive Curriculum

A learning framework that is focused on
how kindergarten children learn

  • Nurtures the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of children
  • Based on the latest research in the fields of neuroscience, child psychology, child development and learning
  • A strong emphasis on building values, emotional regulation, resilience, and effective social skills in children
  • Developmentally sequenced, based on the learning trajectories of children
  • Theme-based and interwoven across 8 areas of learning

Our 8 Areas of Learning

Our Themes

Little Dots (LKG)

Me, My Family, My Community Food and Nutrition Animals Nature and Environment My City, My Town Transport

Big Dots (UKG)

All about me People and places around me Transport Nature and Environment Animals and their Habitats The World Around Me

Every week, the children get an opportunity to explore a specific theme and through that theme they engage in activities that meet the goals of the 8 learning areas of the Dot Program.

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Progress Tracking

Children’s Progress Tracking Children’s Progress Tracking

The Dot Learning Program comes with a built-in progress tracking system that regularly tracks the learning and progress of every child in developmental skills and in all areas of learning. The goal of the trackers is to also assess any gaps in a child’s learning. This will help the teachers intervene with the necessary support to ensure that no child falls behind.

Children’s Progress Tracking in App

Reporting and Analysis

Children’s Progress Report Format Children’s Progress Report Format

The performance data gathered during the progress tracking activities can be analysed and used in the following ways to:

  1. Help the teacher tailor her engagement plans to address the needs of her entire class
  2. Monitor each individual child’s progress and support them as necessary
  3. Communicate a child’s progress to the parents

Class Performance
Section-wise Performance in Numeracy and Maths