The DOT Learning Circle

The Dot Health and Safety Program


  • Emphasises the health, hygiene, and physical safety of every child
  • Educates children about important health and safety protocols in different situations and environments
  • Empowers the child to stay safe and healthy by getting them to engage in interactive activities and discussions, without adding to their fears
  • Promotes sound decision-making and allows children to make healthy choices
  • Encourages independence and autonomy
  • Is aligned to the health and hygiene goals of the Sustainable Development Goals and NEP 2020

Learning Strands

1. Personal Hygiene
  • Physical hygiene
  • Hygiene around food
2. Healthy Habits
  • Good nutrition and food choices
  • Physical activity
  • Rest and sleep
3. Keeping Safe
  • Awareness of safety protocols in different situations
  • Personal space and safety
  • Getting help when needed

Can keeping healthy and safe be fun? Why not?

The Dot Health and Safety Program equips children with important information through
  • Games
  • Activities
  • Experiments
  • And a lot more!

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