The DOT Learning Circle

The Dot Me and My World Program


  • Structured program that triggers curiosity and enables discovery of the world
  • Introduces engaging theme-related concepts in an age-appropriate manner
  • Filled with a vast variety of hands-on explorations and experiences
  • Fosters environmental awareness and consciousness in each child
  • Develops cognitive skills and scientific thinking skills that enable higher order thinking
  • Enhances sensory development which makes learning stimulating and meaningful
  • Provides a strong foundation in the early years in the areas of science and social studies

Learning Strands

1. Scientific Skills
  • Curiosity about the world
  • Investigation of the world
  • Discoveries of the World
2. Knowledge of the World
  • Theme-related concepts
  • Science and social studies concepts

Nurturing Little Scientists and Researchers

Through the Dot Me and My World Program, each child:
  • Enjoys the process of learning as much as they enjoy the outcome
  • Immerses all their senses in each activity
  • Becomes a nature lover and enthusiastically discovers their world