The DOT Learning Circle

A comprehensive early education ecosystem that supports schools, teachers and parents to create engaging and joyful learning experiences for kindergarten children.


An Innovative and Experiential
Pre-Primary Program

Completely aligned to the learning goals of the foundational program of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020

The Dot Nurtures...

A three-way connect between teacher, parent and child helps create an enriching and safe learning environment for kindergarten children to engage and learn.

Benefits of the Dot Learning Ecosystem

  • The Dot Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Program: Prepares the child’s mind to focus and learn. It builds confidence, emotional regulation, values, good communication and social skills.
  • The Dot Maths Program: Builds number sense and lays a strong conceptual foundation in mathematical thinking and reasoning.
  • The Dot Phonics Program: Develops early reading skills through a unique approach to explicit and systematic phonics instruction
  • The Dot Language and Communication Program: Through storytelling, rhymes, and discussions, it builds listening, comprehension, speaking and vocabulary skills
  • Experiential and Activity-based Learning: Nurtures a love for exploration and learning.
  • Theme-Based Contextual Learning: Triggers curiosity about the world around. Encourages children to think critically, creatively, logically, and scientifically.
  • Child is:
    • Happy coming to school
    • Loves to learn
    • Is confident
    • Communicates clearly
    • Able to regulate emotions and behaviours
  • A trusting school-parent partnership
  • Progress is closely monitored to enable child’s optimal development and growth
  • Interactive and engaging take home activities
  • Appreciative and happy parents
  • Happy children, learning and growing in a safe and trusting environment at school
  • Easy to adapt curriculum and resources to ensure consistency in learning across all classes
  • Complete support for teachers at every step through online guides, training and professional development opportunities
  • Availability of performance data and reports to enhance program quality and implementation
  • A trusting school-parent partnership
  • Aligns with the goals of National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 and Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (FLN) for the pre-primary years
  • Opportunities for self-development, capacity building and professional growth
  • A ready-reckoner of daily lesson plans and activities so teacher can focus on connecting and engaging with the children
  • Step-by-step guidance, instructional resources and tools, and ongoing support to set up the teacher for success
  • Less stress, more confidence and enhanced social-emotional competence

How Do We Ensure Learning Excellence?

Only a child who feels safe, calm and composed is ready to connect, engage and learn. The Dot Learning Program places a great emphasis on Social and Emotional Learning.

The DOT Learning Ecosystem

The only completely integrated early learning program aligned to NEP 2020 and NCF


Children actively engaged and benefiting from the Dot Learning Program. Launched in 2021.



with the DOT


I was enjoying reading the weekly plan. Really loved it! How slowly each and everything is introduced and linked. All these days, we were just focussing on writing but now we are really developing the children. Thank you so much to 'The Dot Learning Circle' team.

Teacher, CVSLR

We thought that in LKG the child will learn just to write and sing rhymes. But now we are so happy seeing our child doing more activities and exploring more on her own.

Parent of Matisha S

Advisory Panel

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