The DOT Learning Circle

The Dot Language and Communication Program


  • Original stories and rhymes that are rooted in the child’s socio-cultural context
  • Exposes the children to a plethora of theme-related concepts through stories and discussions
  • Builds active listening and communication skills
  • Aids articulation and expression of thoughts in all areas of learning
  • Helps children develop an impressive vocabulary
  • Role play and drama are seamlessly interwoven into everyday sessions
  • Carefully curated for a bilingual classroom with an emphasis on English Language Acquisition as well as communication in the mother tongue
  • Uses the tried and tested method of Total Physical Response to facilitate language acquisition in the early years

Learning Strands

  • Listening skills
  • Stories and Rhymes
  • Communication skills
  • Comprehension
  • Vocabulary building
  • English Language Acquisition
  • Listening and Understanding
  • Speaking

Stories are the Essence of the Dot Language and Communication Program for Kindergarten Children

Stories are the Essence of the Dot Language and Communication Program
1. Our stories are used to anchor each theme
2. A storytelling session doesn’t just end with a narration. Stories are used for:
  • Connecting to the theme
  • Building language skills and comprehension
  • Making inferences
  • Encouraging critical thinking
  • Learning about the self
  • Building empathy
  • Imagining and creating
  • Role playing

A child who can memorize, can remember... A child who can imagine, can create…

Through The Dot Language and Communication Program, children progress from:

Sample Worksheets

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