The DOT Learning Circle

The Dot Movement and Coordination Program


  • Focusses on overall wellbeing and holistic development
  • Ensures physical activity becomes a part of the school routine
  • Filled with highly engaging, fun activities and thrilling games
  • Provides plenty of opportunities for gross and fine motor development
  • Improves focus and allows children to take risks and overcome challenges
  • Yoga and balance and coordination activities form an important part of the program
  • Creates synergy within the peer group and fosters effective group dynamics
  • Discover own strength and ability

Learning Strands

  • Locomotor Skills
  • Balance and Co-ordination
  • Physical Awareness
  • Fine Motor Skills

In the early years, children need movement for more than just physical development. It’s not all fun and games, there’s immense learning and growing too!

The Dot Movement and Coordination Program allows each child to...
  • Express themselves
  • Learn and Review Concepts
  • Solve problems, make friends and work in teams
  • Listen to and follow rules of games
  • Build confidence and feel a sense of achievement
  • Become resilient by learning from failure